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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hello and First-timers breakfast

Well, I've made it to Phoenix, and yes it's warm........very warm. But, the reception from my MLA colleagues has been exceptional. Just in case anyone is interested in signing-up for the MLA mentorship program, I highly recommend it. I signed up before the conference, and I meet my Mentor yesterday afternoon before the Welcome Reception. We had great conversation and good food and drink, and this was an excellent way to break the ice.

This morning we attended the New Members/First-Time Attendees breakfast, which provides a great opportunity to meet newbies, as well as seasoned professionals, in the Medical Library Association. Announcements and introductions were made from some MLA Board members, with a special welcome from President M.J. Tooey. Also learned some interesting history: MLA started in 1898 in Philadelphia by a physician, a librarian, an ophthalmologist, and a few others :) Lucretia McClure also gave an excellent talk about how to value our membership, increase our friendship, and make sure the everyone counts!

And on that good note.....I'm off to some more sessions this afternoon.


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