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Sunday, May 21, 2006

2007 Online NEJM Prices

The 2007 online NEJM prices were released here at MLA. For those of who are interested, prices are arranged in tiers and hospital staff size (FTEs) is not the determining factor for price. Determining factors seems to be type of hospital combined with number of beds.

Briefly here is a break down of the prices.

H1D Single hospitals with 120 or less staffed beds. $1,040
H1C Single hospitals with 121-250 staffed beds. $2,100
H1B Single hospitals with 251-500 staffed beds. $2,600
H2E Hospital systems with 2-3 hosptials. $3,500
H2D Hospital systems with 4-7 hospitals. $ 5,800
H2C Hospital systems with 8-11 hospitals. $8,800
H2B Hosptial systems with 12-15 hospitals. $10,500
H2A Hospital systems with 15-20 hospitals. $12,000
H3A Hospital systems with more than 20 hospitals. $12,000 plus $600 for each additional hospitals over 20.

The option to have a print only subscription is available for $499.
A print subscription plus with 5 workstations (for 5 static IP addresses) is available for $599

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