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Monday, May 22, 2006

Leadership and Professional Development Program

This section programming featured interesting perspectives on the job market, hiring, what employers and recruiters look for in a job candidate, and tips and tools for becoming an independent information professional.

Deborah Schwarz of Library Associates first delivered the bad news for job seekers: a slowly growing job market, downsizing in libraries, and salaries for traditional librarians that are not expected to increase significantly. Deborah went on, however, to outline areas outside the library where librarians may utilize their skills in new and exciting ways. For example, she recently helped place 20 catalogers with an educational client who needed metatags assigned to streaming video content.

Holly Buchanan delivered the employer's perspective, emphasizing the need for candidates to scope out a potential workplace, understand library trends, be prepared for interviews, submit individualized resumes and cover letters, and make sure you understand what interests you about a specific job rather than any job. She indicated that non-technical skills such as teamwork, motivation, communication, and flexibility are increasingly important in the library marketplace.

Finally, Ros Lett of Knowledge Cartel delivered an energetic and informative piece on becoming an independent information professional, with tips on marketing your services, defining your niche, identifying clients, and building entrepreneurial savvy.

This was a very practical and worthwhile session, with the main takeaway messages being: 1) build your skills; 2) take chances and look for opportunities outside the traditional library.


At 10:48 PM , Blogger I. Martinez said...

I completely agree with your assessment of Rosalind Lett's presentation. This woman is a dynamic entrepenour and she is taking the world by storm. Her company, Knowledge Cartel sums up her wisdom and her eagerness to share with all of us what she knows. The amazing part of this day was that she presented on Tucson 39, then 10 minutes later she deliver another great presentation in Tucson 38 on Perspectives on the Job Market.


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