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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


During my rounds of the free pen circuit (otherwise known as the vendors' exhibit hall), I learned about a company called Netsymposium. The company provides conference materials in the form of multimedia CD-ROMs containing the actual presentations (such as PowerPoints) delivered at the sessions rather than text-only abstracts. There is also apparently MP3 lecture content available. I would be interested in whether your libraries are subscribing to this material, and whether it is frequently used by your students or clinicians. Do you see it as an appropriate substitute for text-only abstracts? How/are researchers citing this material? Would you add this content to your library as a CME tool? I can see how this product might be useful, but question the choice of CD-ROM for delivery and single purchases of specific conferences. Would you be more likely to subscribe if the product were site-licensed and online, no CDs required, and you could subscribe to a package of materials (such as all medical or nursing conferences) rather than one-off events?


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